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An Invisible Solution
Tailored to Your Smile

Digital Experience Through the Newest Diagnostic Methods

Before being a result, your smile is a process – we’re the first orthodontic solution in Romania that adapts this process 100% to your lifestyle and ensures a fast, comfortable and invisible solution.

Just like you, we’re digital first – every solution is equipped with technological functionalities that enable you to envision the final result as well as your progress in real time. Through our Dental Monitoring app, you can examine your treatment, make adjustments and avoid unnecessary appointments. 

The holistic experience means seamless treatment every step of the way, without adaptation periods and major lifestyle changes.

Your Smile Starts Here
Out of Devotion for You

3 Things We Do Differently

Your smile is our mantra, and 3D-Orto is the place where we redefine beauty, in a way that is fine-tuned to your needs.

Smile is the DNA of happiness. It is unique and remarkable. Enjoy every moment without restraint, including during the treatment process. From your first visit into our clinic until the final result, our solution is perfectly molded after your lifestyle.

Smile Without Restraints
Invisible Aligners

Invisalign Guaranteed

Our Invisalign partnership means innovation at your service, through orthodontic solutions personalized to your needs.

Discover the right solution for your smile
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Pricing Policies

Financial Planning
Adapted To You


Regardless of your orthodontic diagnosis, we’re presenting you with a tailored solution that best fits both your needs and your financial availability, for a better, faster result than braces would offer, at a similar price.

  • Costs starting at €1,125
  • Personalized plan
  • Payment in installments
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Your Smile Deserves The Best

We deliver a 100% digital orthodontic experience that enables you to monitor your weekly evolution of the aligners, to visualize the final result and to make clinic appointments as well as changes to your personal plan.

Your priorities are OUR priorities. The Invisalign solution is imperceptible, invisibile, doesn’t cause discomfort and doesn’t require an adaptation period or a change in lifestyle.

Unlike braces, which are painful, unaesthetic and require a great deal of sacrifice from your part, our solutions are inspired by your everyday needs

It’s Your Turn to Smile
Smile BIG or don’t smile at all. Smile BIG or don’t smile at all. Smile BIG or don’t smile at all. Smile BIG or don’t smile at all. Smile BIG or don’t smile at all. Joie de vivre starts with a smile. Joie de vivre starts with a smile. Joie de vivre starts with a smile. Joie de vivre starts with a smile. Joie de vivre starts with a smile.
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The 3D-Orto Test

There is such a thing as the perfect solution and we are with you throughout the entire process. Just a few questions will help us get to know you in order to point you towards an initial direction that we will then transform into your personalized solution.

After this quick test, you’ll know what your needs are and how we can facilitate a digital orthodontic experience, with predictable results and assistance at every step. 

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Opt for a digital orthodontic solution, invisible and comfortable aligners, a financial plan adapted to your needs and immediate results.

Redefine Your Smile

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