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Out of devotion for you

3 Things We Do Differently

Your smile is our mantra, and 3D-Orto is the place where we redefine beauty, in a way that is fine-tuned to your needs.

3D-Orto is a promise

Why Slow Dentistry?

Slow dentistry is a movement of the best practitioners in the field of dental care whose sole purpose is to increase the standard of medical practice.

Time, like any other resource, is a decisive factor in the quality of the medical act.

We adhere to this practice in the belief that the patient is more important than the business model, the time allocated to each patient is an indicator of the degree of commitment, and attention to detail such as safety of hygiene measures contributes to significantly better long-term results.

  • Hygiene is our religion
  • Technology is our partner
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Orthodontics as a service

Slow Dentistry is a vision focused on higher quality services, more dedicated practitioners and superior long-term results.

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    The patient comes before the business model

  • 02

    Better long-term results

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Our Promise

Orthodontics as Medical Commitment

The emphasis on the quality of each patient’s experience does not mean less care for the technical part of medical treatment.

On the contrary, the practice of Slow Dentistry has an important component dedicated to the quality of the medical act, complementary to the quality of the medical services offered.

Attention to procedures, focus on the latest technological innovations, interest in holistic medical solutions are just some of the goals that the practice of Slow Dentistry invites doctors to adhere to.

We are honored to be part of a responsible medical community, attentive to the patient’s needs and – at the same time – based on innovative solutions.


Flexible Clinic Hours

Orthodontics as Partnership for Health

Our commitment for real care for every patient means being available on your schedule and long clinic hours.

We understand that our patients are real people leading busy lives, joggling tight deadlines, so we have made our clinic hours complementary to your schedule.

In order to ensure that we can devote ourselves 100% to your needs, we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment in advance.

See you at the clinic!

Stefan cel Mare Clinic
24, Marasti Blv, ground floor


Monday to Friday
09:00 – 21:00

+4 031 005 88 88

Opt for a digital orthodontic solution, invisible and comfortable aligners, a financial plan adapted to your needs and immediate results.

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