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The Invisalign dental solution


12 million people worldwide have been successfully treated using Invisalign.

Invisalign is the market leader in producing invisible, aesthetic and transparent aligners, realized from a SmartTrack material that is soft and modern. Through diagnosing, 3D scanning and printing, it takes the shape of your teeth, for the most reliable and fast orthodontic results.

Invisalign is the orthodontic solution that we, at 3D-Orto, collaborate with, under the commitment to transform your treatment into a digital experience that is perfectly fine-tuned to your lifestyle.

  1. Our aligners are invisible, discreet, comfortable and personalized according to your diagnosis, with a 100% precision.
  2. Based on a seamless process, our solution doesn’t require major lifestyle changes or even an adaptation period.
  3. Our solution is predictable, through a technology that enables you to visualize the end result from the beginning of your treatment.
  4. We are digital first, with personalized plans that enable you to monitor your teeth’s straightening process directly from your smartphone, without unnecessary clinic appointments.

Through our partnership with Invisalign, we are offering you the latest orthodontic solutions, personalized to your needs.

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Rose-Marie 54 € /luna

My personal space and discretion are very important to me. When I have an appointment with the 3D-Orto team, the place belongs to me 100%. I was very impressed by the VIP experience.

  • Invisalign Express Aligner Price* 1.125 €
  • Installments 24 months
*malpositions frontal area
one arcade
Invisalign Lite

Mugur 123 € /luna

Everything happens by itself with invisible aligners. With a little discipline, the modern 3D technology makes things simple, comfortable and fluid. Perfect simplicity. Thank you, 3D-Orto.

  • Invisalign Lite Aligner Price* 2.550 €
  • Installments 24 months
*medium malpositions frontal and lateral area.
both arcades.
Invisalign First*

Antonia 87 € /luna

I told my mum that I want an invisible aligner cos it's cool and I can eat whatever I want. I saw that on TikTok.

  • Invisalign First Aligner Price* 1.800 €
  • Installments 24 months
*malpositions frontal area
both arcades
Invisalign Comprehensive

Andra 189 €

I am coach and logotherapist, my smile and only my smile is visible in public speeaking. Greatful for the easy 3D-Orto solution: great team, newest technologies and equipments, professional and most of all very friendly :)

  • Invisalign Comprehensive Aligner Price* 3.900€
  • Installments 24 months
*medium malpositions frontal and lateral area.
both arcades.
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Pricing and services

Personalized Costs

Regardless of your orthodontic diagnosis, we’re presenting you with a tailored solution that best fits both your needs and your financial availability, for a better, faster result than braces would offer, at a similar price.

  • Costs starting at €2,500
  • Personalized plan
  • Payment in installments
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More Reasons To Choose Invisalign

Advantages of the Invisalign Treatment

Your priorities are OUR priorities. The Invisalign solution is imperceptible, invisibile, doesn’t cause discomfort and doesn’t require an adaptation period or a change in lifestyle.


Completely invisible and aesthetic

The Invisalign treatment is completely comfortable, suitable for any type of treatment and for any age.


Removable, easy to use and wear

Realized from a modern SmartTrack material, the Invisalign braces are produced and personalized for every patient depending on the diagnosis. It is fixed on the teeth and it acts rapidly and efficiently.


Innovative, custom-made, with fast and efficient results

Perfectly molded after the shape of your teeth, the aligners don’t hurt, they are better assembled and more efficient than the classical braces.


Easy to clean and maintain

Like any other dental solution, the aligner requires a standout oral hygiene. It is easy to clean and wash after every activation and deactivation.


Modern packaging, personalized with the Invisalign logo

Every aligner comes with an aesthetic and functional package, which makes it easy to wear it at school, at the office or at the gym.

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